Levitate by Lone

Lone - Levitate

You step through the opening of a transparent crystal chamber suspended above the mouth of a deep cavern. The door closes behind you, and you begin to descend into the gargantuan hole in the earth’s surface. You see glimpses of colored beams of light shooting up from the cave and hitting the translucent walls surrounding you. You sink further. You’re now able to see the countless bodies gyrating to rapid beats and bass. You run out of the chamber . . .

Rave culture was born from the drum break, a rhythmic element to which every electronic dance track is indebted, and a component still utilized in purists’ repertoires to this day. It’s a sacred piece of music history at this point, yet it’s still being reworked and infused into modern compositions to combine classic and contemporary styles. Levitate is the newest full-length from British producer Matt Cutler as Lone.

For nearly a decade, Cutler has maintained his status as an innovator firmly planted in the roots of dance music culture, melding genres such as house, hardcore, ambient, and drum’n’bass in various amalgamations. Levitate is his most hard-hitting release thus far, filled with glossy synths frolicking atop breakbeats that could get any warehouse steamy. These are throwback-tinged gems adorned with immediately enticing melodies.

There’s an intoxicating energy within these songs; a kind of joyous, no-holds-barred vitality that’s loads of fun and highly addictive. They invoke potent levels of nostalgia, and also contain copious fresh ideas. The only downside is its brevity, but every second of its 33 minute runtime is captivating, and it only gets better with subsequent listens. If you’re seeking joyous, breakbeat-filled electronics, this album is for you.

– stasi (@stasisphere)

Levitate by Lone

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