You Will Never Be One Of Us by NAILS

NAILS - You Will Never Be One Of Us

Sirens blaring; skyscrapers crumbling into ashen heaps; towers of fire bursting from the earth’s surface; ravenous beasts stampeding through streets; planets exploding among the stars; jagged meteors falling from the red sky; blood raining down from clouds of smoke; screams of the living dissolving into nothingness; howls of the undead shaking the cragged ground, crawling up from their graves. The end of everything is here, and it is loud . . .

Beware, ye who enter here. Abrasive music is a cultural divider that polarizes listeners, depending on their tolerance/craving for aggressive passion. Hardcore certainly isn’t for everyone, and this record in particular does not cater to the faint of heart in the slightest, as it thrashes about in the darkest, most unapologetically vile realms of the genre. You Will Never Be One Of Us is the newest full-length from Oxnard, CA trio NAILS.

With not a single second of filler content, these ten songs (most of which run under two minutes) roar at breakneck speed with pummeling blast-beats, earth-scorching guitar riffs, and inhuman, throat-shredding vocals. Fans of d-beat, grindcore, and powerviolence will revel in the chaotic rampage, refined to apocalyptic perfection by producer and Converge guitarist Kurt Ballou. It’s an onslaught of awe-inspiring brutality.

Off-putting at an initial glance, the record title is actually a message of inclusion. The “us” is in reference to anybody who’s ever found sanctuary in a musty basement overflowing with deafening distortion and flailing limbs. It’s an invitation to participate in the band’s bitter ritual; a celebration of isolation, atheism, ferocious masochism, and life’s utter meaninglessness. If you’re seeking chaotic hardcore, this album is for you.

– stasi (@stasisphere)

You Will Never Be One Of Us by NAILS

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