Tundra by Lakker

Lakker - Tundra

You find yourself stumbling through a forest, confused about how you arrived there. Through a clearing in the trees, you lay eyes on what appears to be a large metal building. There is a single door on one side. You open it. Inside is a factory, stretching for as far as you can see. You take a few steps before it dawns on you: this factory is dedicated to creating robots, and every single one looks exactly like you. What are you going to do with this information?

Suspense and tension. Lakker are masters of these two things, and their second album Tundra is one of the most suspenseful, most tense, most beautiful things I’ve ever heard. Techno is this duo’s game, but this is no typical techno record. These songs are huge and cavernous, like empty factories that continue to run and produce in an efficient way, long after the consumers have gone extinct. It’s dark, but it’s fascinating.

Lakker utilize a particular concoction of rhythmic, percussive techno instrumentation, and tastefully chosen field samples seamlessly integrated together. The end result is quite intense, but it isn’t abrasive or dissonant. A few choice songs contain heart-wrenching, operatic vocal samples that contrast with the heavy rhythms in a superb way. Every song is a ritual that takes time to evolve, but the process of each progression is a sight (or sound, rather) to behold.

This is one of those albums that conveys an incredible amount of emotion without requiring any lyrics. The somber melodies hit hard, and they hit deep. These songs might knock you over; these songs might make you weep; these songs might even make you dance. The point is that they will make you feel something, and that’s the most important thing in my opinion. If you’re seeking suspenseful, melodious, and rhythmic techno, this album is for you.

– stasi (@stasisphere)

Tundra by Lakker

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