Much Less Normal by LNRDCROY

LNRDCROY - Much Less Normal

You’re relaxing on a sun-drenched beach. The waves gently lap at the shore, and all is bright and warm. Today is the Sonic Shore music festival, where sound-crafters of all sorts drift along the shallow water on sea vessels, and perform pleasant music for those that enjoy from the sands. A server delivers your drink order, and while the sound of the ocean is prominent in your ears, you start to discern a melody in the distance as the first performer approaches.

Here’s an album that’s effortless to cherish. Much Less Normal is Leonard Campbell’s recent release as LNRDCROY. Simply calling this a house record would be doing it a great injustice, because it’s all over the place genre-wise. This is dance music for those that revel in comfort, sailing through ambient soundscapes, slow-burning house, and even spacey, instrumental hip-hop. The one thing Campbell always maintains is warmth.

From the very first few seconds of “Land, Repair, Refuel,” the ambient steam of soft white noise clouds everything in a gorgeous, pillowy haze. Make friends with this mist, because it supports and carries a good majority of this record to a wonderful effect. These songs are patiently serene, like witnessing water gradually erode beautiful sculptures; subtle, measured, and leisurely, but never boring or tedious.

I’m compelled to emphasize the body-moving capabilities of this record, because it absolutely possesses the gift of groove. Campbell invades the dance floor on “If Sylvia Built A House,” “Land, Repair, Refuel” is a minimal house gem, “Eye Of The Wind” is a rave among the stars, and “Telegraph My Love” frolics in disco bliss. If you’re seeking charming, slow-burning dance music with majestic ambience, this album is for you.

– stasi (@stasisphere)

Much Less Normal by LNRDCROY

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