Dilate by Vessels

Vessels - Dilate

You’re a passenger, and it’s your first time aboard a notorious black hole metro. It’s nigh impossible to accept the certainty of your surroundings. Do you believe that this physical construct can safely travel through the tears in our universe? Most have answered with a resounding “no,” but you aren’t most. You’re here because you’re curious, and you aren’t afraid. There are a few other riders around you, but not many. Everything goes dark.

Get ready for a wild, wholly unique ride. Dilate is the third full-length record by the band known as Vessels, and it’s an unforeseen but warmly welcomed sidestep in their catalog. Previously, these talented lads were known for their post-rock penchant, working with the same influencers that produced masterworks by Explosions In The Sky and This Will Destroy You. This vibrant piece of music is in a whole other galaxy from all of that.

In the four years since the band’s previous release, Vessels seem to have developed a keen fascination with the dance floor. Deep, unyielding kick drums blaze trails for many of these tracks, which provide firm heartbeats and give life to these new songs. This isn’t just dance music, though, but fluidly-progressive, superbly-orchestrated explorations into sound. Every tone is meticulously and flawlessly placed in these recordings.

It would be a crime not to mention the noteworthy vocalists on this record. Isolde Freeth-Hale lends her lovely alto as both frontwoman and sampled instrumentation in “As You Are,” and Snow Fox provides a similar balance with her glossy yelp in “On Monos,” both to a brilliant effect. I mourn over the fact that I had not heard about this band before this release, but they’ve succeeded in making a fan out of me. If you’re seeking progressive, instrumentally-profound dance music, this album is for you.

– stasi (@stasisphere)

Dilate by Vessels

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