Meridian by Evan Caminiti

Evan Caminiti - Meridian

You stand at the cliff of a precipice, gazing into the gaping mouth of the world. The hole is deep and wide, and the bottom can’t be seen. Silence is all around you, for there are no more humans to disturb it. You pick up your equipment and descend down the coarse face of the rock wall. The echoes of humanity are known to exist down here, and you want to see for yourself. You hear a faint rumble, and as you go deeper, it gets darker and louder . . .

Prepare yourself for a boundless plunge into the unknown. Meridian is the fifth solo full-length from Evan Caminiti, who’s been constructing massive guitar drone music with Barn Owl for years. The talented producer is known for his infatuation with synthetic processing, which often results in his guitar resembling the furthest thing from a guitar. However, on this release he opts for gargantuan modular synthesis.

Even if you consider yourself naive when it comes to drone music, I implore you to still give this music a chance. It’s huge, it’s beautiful, and it’s so easy to lose yourself within it (I actually felt hypnotized and unable to multi-task multiple times during my listens). The sounds in these songs simulate towering machines, vast caverns, and the darkest, most harrowing depths of the world. It’s truly awe-inspiring, and overwhelming at times.

The name Meridian supposedly refers to the concept of energy’s migration through the body on passages called meridians, and Caminiti has stated that the record must be played loud in order to feel it pulsating throughout your being. Honestly, it’s breathtaking as a close headphone experience, too. Listen to this while laying down in a dark room, eyes shut. If you’re seeking immense, cavernous drone, this album is for you.

– stasi (@stasisphere)

Meridian by Evan Caminiti

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