Imagine The Future by ASC

ASC - Imagine The Future

Heaving, pulsing, throbbing machinery surrounds you. Your eyes are clenched, for they could not witness anything even if the lids were open. You sit upon a throne of gears and metal, and your limbs are strapped down by forceful, unseen mechanisms. Something below you churns to life with a mechanical roar, and you feel yourself roaming and shifting through the robotic world. There is no light, and you are the lone organic being. All you can do is listen . . .

The robots have taken over! Imagine The Future is the newest full-length from producer/warlock ASC. The artful sound designer is primarily known for his mesmerically-enveloping ambient creations that transport the listener to new worlds, filled with alien tones and rhythms. This record is a deep dive into the dark atmospheres adored by this creator, but what’s astounding is the lofty quality of songwriting.

The skeletal components of these tracks evoke hard-hitting techno, subtly-evolving IDM, dubby drum & bass, and a wide assortment of other electronic genres, but the blood and life of the songs are what truly set this record apart from other releases within this shadowy vein of music. The melodic progressions creep up on you, and when they break open it feels as if some grand, ancient secret has been revealed to your ears.

Don’t be disheartened about the extensive track lengths, because they are integral to what ASC has set out to accomplish. Opener “Sunspots” is a primer for the record at twelve minutes, and every second is crucial for the song’s evolution. This is a record that one must enter and surrender to in order to absorb all of the strange, glorious beauty contained. If you’re seeking experimental, awe-inspiring music, this album is for you.

– stasi (@stasisphere)

Imagine The Future by ASC

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