Hauntologists by Hauntologists

Hauntologists - Hauntologists

Welcome to The Haunt! This centennial party is held to commemorate the galaxy’s lost spirits and provide a night for them to peak out from their slumber, and boogie if they so choose. An elegant residence is chosen years in advance, and prepped in true haunted house fashion; sticky spider webs, gangly skeletons, and other various grotesque oddities adorn the walls and rafters. Who knows with who, or what you might find yourself dancing tonight . . .

Eerie grooves ahead! Hauntologists is the newest full-length by Berlinese producers Jay Ahern and Stefan Schneider. These ingenious artists take something as inherently fun and sanguine as house, and calibrate all the components so they’re all on bizarre settings. Instead of being superfluously glossy and upbeat, these tracks creep in the dark corners. These songs are uncanny, but they’ll get you up and movin’.

That last part is important; the propulsive beats and subterranean bass lines were devised to get people on their feet. There’s a clearly meticulous level of detail put into the manufacturing of each tasty loop, and these guys are aces at dressing each loop with subtleties that enhance and magnify their best qualities. I wouldn’t be surprised (but rather delighted) to hear this in a humid, smoky club deep into the night.

It’s the enigmatic degree of mixing and those subtleties I mentioned that grant this record its originality. The sounds submerge the listener in darkness and oddity, surrounding the foundational rhythms with ghostly bleeps and sunken terrestrial synths that mystify. It’s abnormal, but it’s also lively, catchy, and remarkably enjoyable. If you’re seeking refreshing house music from the darker fringes, this album is for you.

– stasi (@stasisphere)

Hauntologists by Hauntologists

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