Comme Ça by Domenique Dumont

Domenique Dumont - Comme Ça

Just moments before collapsing in the forlorn darkness, you scrape the wall of earth and reveal a pinhole of light. Adrenaline takes you, and the final efforts are short work. You fall to your knees into warm sand. Your eyes haven’t adjusted, but you hear the ocean beside you. You rise to your feet once you can see, and begin to wade through the silky powder. You sit in a chair. Someone hands you a ice-cold drink. You notice people all around you, relaxing . . .

“Warmth” might be my favorite attribute in sound. If you hand me something to listen to that grants me the feeling of being wrapped in a blanket or reclining on a sunny beach, chances are I’m aboard. Comme Ça, the newest release by Latvian producer Domenique Dumont, satisfies that craving more than any other piece of music released in a long time. At six short tracks, it’s effortless to digest, and impossible not to fall in love with.

The first portion of this record dwells in dubby, Balearic dance music with melted edges. Lush synths and steel drums blend with ethereal French vocals to create a simple and lovable concoction. Absorbing an entire full-length album of music within this vein would be a treat, but it’s when Dumont jumbles the formula during the rest of the tracks that he truly shows his songwriting expertise and knack for sonic ingenuity.

He initially dives into vigorous Afro-house on “La Basse Et Les Shakers,” but then the record takes an atmospheric and experimental left turn. “Un Jour Avec Yusef” and “La Bataille De Neige” trip through twinkly, subaqueous dub, while “Le Château De Corail” ends the vacation with dreamy, tropical ambience. It’s deceptively simple, and highly enjoyable. If you’re seeking blissful, warm music, this album is for you.

– stasi (@stasisphere)

Comme Ça by Domenique Dumont

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