Days by Earthly

Earthly - Days

Nightfall consumes a recording studio, plunging everything into a deafening silence. Suddenly, the computers, drum machines, synthesizers, and every kind of assorted hardware and software whirr with life. They play catch with their samples, dance with their rhythms, and sing with their tones. The countless sounds compiled over the years are weaved together into a tapestry of something strangely new and comfortably familiar at the same time . . .

Here’s one for the scatterbrained, experimentally-minded listeners. Days is the newest full-length from North Carolina noise-crafters Earthly, made up of best friends and ex-college roommates Edaan Brook and Brint Hansen. The album title represents the painstaking amount of time surely required to amass and formulate this treasure trove of samples, and the meticulously detailed production style of this visionary duo.

Those eagerly awaiting a fresh release from The Avalanches or The Books can cease holding their breath, because this record is a gem of the collagist method. These artists subscribe to an “all but the kitchen sink” doctrine, utilizing everything from bubbly video game samples, to classic film snippets, to chopped commercial fragments. This grab-bag mixture is surreal at times, uncanny during others, and always melodically catchy.

Nailing down the encompassing genre(s) of this record is a fruitless task, because this pair revel in finding new ways to surprise and thrill the listener with sporadic structures. Nothing is off-limits, including dance floor-primed grooves, ambient soundscapes, and exploratory “noise pop.” It all sounds incredible, but you’ll exit just as baffled as when you entered. If you’re seeking experimental, collagist music, this album is for you.

– stasi (@stasisphere)

Days by Earthly

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