Why Make Sense? by Hot Chip

Hot Chip - Why Make Sense?

The floor pulses with colored lights to the beat of the music that envelops you. You dance to the beat, and you can’t remember a time before the beat. People surround you in all directions for as far as the eye can see, but it isn’t crowded or stifling in any way. Everyone has their space to perform the physical spectacle of their choosing, and nobody feels inhibited. What could this place be? Will you be able to find it again once you’ve gone? 

I love this band, and I thought it suiting to dedicate my 50th “review” to an album by a musical act that means a great deal to myself. Why Make Sense? is the newest full-length from Hot Chip, an act that truly require no introduction at this stage in their trajectory. These seasoned sonic innovators can do no wrong, and have yet to release even a mediocre record. I’m pleased to state that this release exceeds the loftiest expectations.

For those unfamiliar, this group inhabit the most melodically satisfying corners of funk, house, pop, and r&b, with some extra experimentation thrown in for good measure (I’m looking at you, “White Wine and Fried Chicken”). And damn, do these guys know how to write hook after hook. I’m not exaggerating when I say that every single one of these tracks possess the earworm capability to lodge themselves deep in the listener’s mind.

This band is composed of highly adept multi-instrumentalists that have groove down to a science. Owen Clarke, Al Doyle, and Felix Martin hold the reins on what you could call the rhythm section, but is actually the melodic and rhythmic foundation for the wonderfully contrasting vocals of Joe Goddard and Alexis Taylor. If you’re seeking melodically-superb music with a beating heart of groove, this album is for you.

– stasi (@stasisphere)

Why Make Sense? by Hot Chip

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