For The Thrown by LHF

Amenra - For The Thrown

You are suspended in the air surrounded by countless transparent orbs of all different sizes. You can maneuver freely through the mystifying environment just by envisioning the direction in your mind. Upon closer inspection you find that each orb contains an entire world, and you can experience each one — sights, tastes, sounds included — just by touching their surfaces. You are utterly alone, but the universe is literally at your fingertips. What will you do?

Solidarity in music is always pleasant to witness, and nobody maintains that aspect of unification like Keysound collective LHF. For The Thrown is the newest full-length released under the London-based group banner, although every track was exclusively produced by member Amen Ra with the exceptions of two choice contributions from Octaviour and No Fixed Abode. Ra utilizes this record to infuse vibrant light into the group’s sound.

The first half of the record possesses an element of serene tranquility that cleanses the palette, and contains cloudy washes of synth, fractured drum beats, and worldly instrumentation. Nimble strings and tinges of Middle Eastern melody have been staples of past Amen Ra tracks, and he contorts those components into fluorescent song progressions that swell and expand into mountains of dubby ambient techno.

The versatile producer dives into grittier territories on the latter portion of the record to deliver something more akin to the “LHF sound.” Traditional Amen Ra drum breaks, cut-ups, and sampling inhabit this realm, and the jazzier facets of UK dance music are displayed in wonderful detail. This grab-bag of sonic exploration will delight any fan of experimentalism. If you’re seeking vivid, adventurous electronics, this album is for you.

– stasi (@stasisphere)

For The Thrown by LHF

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