You Disgust Me by Gangrene (The Alchemist + Oh No)

Gangrene - You Disgust Me

You’re walking through the rain between the city’s colossal buildings when you fall through an open hole in the asphalt. You plunge through the darkness into murky, putrid water. Dimly lit torches line the filthy walls of the tunnel, so you follow them. After a long while, you enter a tight opening and emerge into a massive dome filled with harshly constructed buildings. You enter the nearest door and walk into a club of some sort. You sit, and the lights go down . . .

When it comes to hip-hop, my personal stance is the filthier and more raw, the better. You Disgust Me is the newest full-length from duo Gangrene, made up by veteran producer/rappers The Alchemist and Oh No. Both of these artists need no introduction, as their respective, equally mountainous bodies of work are rooted in and throughout hip-hop’s extensive history; yet, they still manage to surprise with this one.

The concoction of Alchemist’s no-holds-barred sample frenzy and frigidly synthesized boom-bap beats, mixed with Oh No’s compellingly rhythmic productions results in some seriously grimy trunk-rattlers. Each track is tinged with vocal samples spoken by a multitude of whacked-out, substance-influenced individuals, giving the record an eerily captivating, slimy back-alley feel; like an entrancing, artistically grotesque film.

Both Alchemist and Oh No are highly adept lyricists in their own right, and prove it time and time again across this record, but it’s worthy to note the quality roster of features. Action Bronson, Chuck Strangers, Evidence, Havoc, Fashawn, Your Old Droog, and the late Sean Price (RIP) contribute killer verses that further accentuate this treasure in a trash can. If you’re seeking wonderfully filthy hip-hop, this album is for you.

– stasi (@stasisphere)

You Disgust Me by Gangrene (The Alchemist + Oh No)

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