Your Face by Venetian Snares

Venetian Snares - Your Face

You stand inside a grand, pristine temple. Rays of sunlight shine through transparent glass walls and illuminate the entire chamber. Peculiar symbols adorn the ceiling. The sun travels over the structure and across the sky until it settles into a seemingly-significant position. Beams of light are reflected all over the room to form geometric prisms. A glass wall shatters, and a fog of microscopic robotic insects fills the space. You close your eyes and listen . . .

Breakcore is the eccentric producer’s game, what with its dense rhythmic structures and breakneck transitions, and few stretch the sonic capabilities of the genre further than this artist. Your Face is the newest release by Venetian Snares, the primary performing moniker of Canadian-born Aaron Funk. Funk compacts a plethora of rapid, synthesized instrumentation into a brisk, 30-minute investigation of the widely mystifying genre.

Following last year’s extravagant My Love Is A Bulldozer (dubbed a “breakcore musical”) presented a herculean task, so rather than unleash another grandiose, vocal-heavy full-length, Funk opted to take a dip into his past. “Former Eagle” and “Misericordial” are glacial, glitchy IDM, while “Red Orange 2” and “Stockpiles of Sentiment” embody the classic Snares sound that we all know and love: maniacal, wildly dense jungle.

Things take an interesting turn with “Become Magic Dolphins,” a squelchy acid jam that gifts the listener with a few moments of funky respite from the rhythmic onslaught. Bookending the EP are two beautifully-contrasting variants of record centerpiece “Your Face When I Finally,” further evidence that Funk’s versatility knows no bounds. If you’re seeking diverse, intricately composed breakcore, this album is for you.

– stasi (@stasisphere)

Your Face by Venetian Snares

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