June by Acronym

Acronym - June

You tread through soft grass, passing through wispy grey fog until you reach the edge of a tranquil lake. You steadily place one foot into the undisturbed water, creating a ripple that grows and extends to the distant shores hidden in the mist. You place your other foot into the water, and turn to face the shore. The shore is gone, replaced by an endless blank infinity. You blink, and the shore has returned. Was it ever gone? You listen to your surroundings . . .

The beauty of electronic music arises from its ability to encourage a wider range of emotional subjectivity than many other genres. Songs that sound dark and harrowing to one listener may glow with positivity in the eyes of another. June is the newest full-length by Acronym, a producer that resides in Stockholm and calls Northern Electronics home. His new record is a fluid, flawlessly paced gem of serene ambience and pulsing techno.

The first time I heard this album, its warmth enveloped me and left me in a calming state of bliss. Upon my second listening, I was blindsided by the shadowy darkness that lurks in its nooks and crannies. There are ecosystems living under these deceptively simple tracks, and listening intently unearths worlds teeming with life just below the glassy surfaces. One begins to crave it, just to see what treasures it decides to reveal next.

The journey begins with droning ambience in the record’s first portion, ornamented with tranquil nature samples. The melodies here are placid and undulating, steadily flourishing into the down-tempo middle section. Acronym wrings out every ounce of experimental charm before closing the record with subterranean techno primed for the dance floor. If you’re seeking progressive ambient techno, this album is for you.

– stasi (@stasisphere)

June by Acronym

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