Fractals by Silkie

Silkie - Fractals

You sit at a booth in a luxurious cocktail bar. The room is dim, lit only by sparsely placed candles and the distant stars looking in through the windows, and filled with patrons of all sizes and species. The echo of glasses clinking together rings in your ears. A spotlight illuminates a keyboard setup on a risen stage at the far end of the room. A large, hooded man walks a smaller, skinnier robot to the setup, pushes a button, and it comes to life . . .

There are a select few producers that are driven entirely by the force of groove, and they take advantage of the boundless capabilities electronic music provides in the pursuit of refining that “in-the-pocket” sound. Fractals is the newest full-length by London producer Soloman Rose, AKA Silkie. Rose falls under this prestigious category of frenetic groove-crafters, and has released a celestial journey through future-funk maximalism.

The beats in these tracks are lively and monstrous, composed of massive 808 kicks, skittery hi-hats, whip-crack snares, and contorted into a multitude of diverse rhythms. Funk-tinged melodies recorded with glossy synths dance on top of everything, while vivid strings, vocal samples, and a slew of cocktail jazz piano flesh out the compositions and infuse distinctly “human” elements into the intricately synthesized productions.

This record is an undeniably smooth and accessible ride, and boasts way more than its fair share of ear-worm catchiness. Its primed for overflowing dance-floors and focused headphone listenings alike. Most of all, it’s irrefutably fun, imaginative, and possesses just enough silliness to captivate listeners from all walks of life. If you’re seeking hard-hitting, funk/jazz-tinged electronics, this album is for you.

– stasi (@stasisphere)

Fractals by Silkie

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