Gowanus Drifts by Dialect

Dialect - Gowanus Drifts

You sit on a park bench at dusk. You see your exhaled breath in the crisp air, but your husky jacket keeps you warm. It’s getting dark, and you alone inhabit the park now. A dog barks, distant but piercing through the quiet. The sound of an ambulance siren grows in your right ear, travels to your left, and dissipates into the night. The dog barks again, but this time the harsh tone melts in your ears. You glance around, and your surroundings begin to dissolve.

Ambient music possesses the ability to elicit vivid imagery in the mind of a listener, possibly more than any other genre. The wide open space is left to the imagination to fill with visual elements that compliment the sounds that are present. Gowanus Drifts is the newest full-length from Liverpool producer Andrew PM Hunt, under his Dialect moniker. This record is a seamless, ethereal journey through gorgeously desolate landscapes.

Hunt merges the elegance of classicist composition with the oddities of far-out experimentalism in some wonderfully unique ways. Saxophone, horns, zither, and many other traditional instruments adorn the otherworldly synthetic plunges. Industrial field samples, entrancing arpeggios, and a world of subaqueous tones are woven together to form an intricate tapestry that combines warm familiarity and the cold unknown.

Gowanus is a neighborhood nestled on the Brooklyn waterfront, tucked away and stricken with polluted waters resulting from an overtaxed sewage system. Hunt, having discovered a fondness for the area and its close comparison to his home, took it upon himself to highlight the beauty lurking in a place where the idea of “beauty” was thought to be extinct. If you’re seeking ethereal, exploratory ambience, this album is for you.

– stasi (@stasisphere)

Gowanus Drifts by Dialect

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