Poison Season by Destroyer

Destroyer - Poison Season

You walk on cobblestone roads through a quaint town. People fill the bustling streets, purchasing and peddling their wares. You hear a faint tone on the breeze and follow it to the origin, a sturdy black door in a narrow corridor. Before your hand touches its surface to knock, it opens and the tone ceases. You enter a theater with instruments covering the stage and seats brimming with people, save for an empty one at the front. You sit and listen . . .

Elements of poetry permeate nearly every form of music. With lyric-focused songwriting, the two modes of artistic expression are indivisible, and no one blurs that line betwixt with more grace and poise than this artist. Poison Season is the newest full-length from Dan Bejar and his long-respected solo-project-turned-full-band, Destroyer. This record exemplifies Bejar’s strengths: intricate, classical compositions and grand, mythical lyrics.

The topics explored and turns of phrase that Bejar sings with his bare, emotive voice are ripe with intellect and rhythmic prose. He’s a marvelous poet and storyteller, and while he writes the scripts, arranges the scores, and plays the leading roles, the brilliant musicians in his Destroyer project serve as stage and actors, crafting elegantly swooning song structures that enhance Bejar’s vocals with ornately symphonic instrumentation.

Bejar is the most interesting guy at the party, the guy sitting in the dimly lit corner surrounded by captivated people listening intently to his tales of lofty adventure and forbidden romance. He has yet to release a less-than-wonderful record, and Poison Season extends that streak with something that’s beautifully mesmerizing and unique. If you’re seeking intricately poetic, ornately symphonic storytelling, this album is for you.

– stasi (@stasisphere)

Poison Season by Destroyer

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