Stations by Woolfy vs Projections

Woolfy vs Projections - Stations

You’re on a speedboat darting around the Balearic islands. It’s a warm late afternoon, and all the boats are heading back to their harbors. As you dock your boat, you hear a muffled beat in the distance. You follow the sound to a dock in another area of the harbor, one currently occupied by a massive yacht. An inescapable feeling compels you to enter the vessel, so you open the pulsing door, stumble into the darkness, and right into a celebration in motion . . .

Balearic house is a genre that’s difficult not to love. The basis of the style is a continual focus on maintaining a “feel good” atmosphere, and this pair use it as a foundation for their compelling songwriting. Stations is the newest full-length by Woolfy vs. Projections, AKA Simon “Woolfy” James and bandmate Dan Hastie. These two are masters of the breezy, tantalizing sound, and successfully infuse it with new, inventive flourishes.

The duo paint pictures of glowing sunsets over warm oceans with aqueous synths, Latin-flavored guitar and percussion, and buoyant, bouncy bass lines. Many songs hang back in the pocket and ride more leisurely tempos, but every so often they let loose with straight-up disco. The final ingredient in the aural cocktail is the tastefully spare-but-effective singing that leaves room for the polished instrumentals to breathe.

This is the kind of record that one can put on at anytime. It’s highly efficient in the background of a bustling beach party, in the forefront of a lengthy road trip, or in the headphones of focused listener. It’s effortlessly enjoyable, melodically captivating, and loads of fun to listen to, all at the same time. It’s music that people from every shore will love. If you’re seeking melodically superb Balearic house, this album is for you.

– stasi (@stasisphere)

Stations by Woolfy vs Projections

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