Berkana by Golden Void

Golden Void - Berkana

You walk along the cragged earth, between streams of flowing lava and burning structures of all sizes. The sky is filled with black smoke and the wind stings your face, but you continue to follow a faintly glowing orb leading you through the chaos. You come to the edge of a cliff, and the orb ascends into the smoldering sky. The thick fog parts, and a platform descends down to you. You step onto it, and you’re off into the air at high speed. You listen . . .

Guitar riffs haven’t sounded this tasty in quite some time. That’s how I choose to begin this “review,” simply because no other thesis statement would suffice. Berkana is the newest full-length from Golden Void, a band of inventive San Franciscan psyche-rockers that know damn well how to immerse listeners in a glowing fog of distorted, fuzzy bliss. This is a record one can get lost in, and who would ever wish to find their way out?

Every song on this album contains a plethora of captivating riffs more tantalizing than the last, due to Isaiah Mitchell (Earthless) reconstructing the instrumental prowess and psychedelic blues exploration of his other band into soaring, euphonious melodies more suited for the dreamy hard rock that this group produces. This is music to move to, but the head-banging energy is infused with dynamic progression and harmonic beauty.

A distinct doom influence pervades this record at its slower points, but I also found my ear recalling The War On Drugs and last year’s flawless Lost In The Dream. Although Golden Void maintain a much heavier, mountain-razing intensity in their sound, there are those same chills-inducing moments when every sonic elements works in gorgeous congruence. If you’re seeking euphonious psychedelic rock, this album is for you.

– stasi (@stasisphere)

Berkana by Golden Void

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