Beach Music by Alex G

Alex G - Beach Music

You sit in your recliner chair, watching TV like any other normal evening. You’ve been staring at the screen for so long that the pixels have begun to blur together, and now they appear to be melting. Is it just your mind, or are the projected images really dripping onto the dirty carpet? The room begins to fill up with the fluorescent liquid. You close your eyes just as it reaches your neck, and when you open them you are sitting on warm sand by an ocean . . .

To posses a unique voice is paramount in the creation of captivating music, but something extraordinary occurs when a talented artist communicates through multiple unique voices. Beach Music is the newest full-length from Alex Giannascoli, a Philadelphian with a penchant for crafting melodious indie rock submerged in worlds distorted by studio experimentalism and narrated by a diverse cast of characters.

Alex G utilizes a substantial amount of pitch-shifting to contort his own singing voice to fit the specific environment and lyrical script of each song, sort of similar to the vocal styles of Ariel Pink or Ween. Contrary to the humorous goals of those two acts though, Alex G succeeds in producing compellingly potent songwriting, with instrumentation that sounds as though it’s torched around the edges and dipped in warm molasses.

Some of the more atonal moments also bring to mind the deceptively sloppy stylings of Pavement, in that what appears to be loose and formless is actually purposefully intricate upon closer inspection. This is a record that sounds alien initially, but dazzling melodies and hooks will be revealed to those with the tenacity to find them in the darkness. If you’re seeking experimental, idiosyncratic indie-rock, this album is for you.

– stasi (@stasisphere)

Beach Music by Alex G

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