so the flies don’t come by milo

milo - so the flies don't come

You climb down a creaky ladder, for what seems like forever, into a massive hole in the earth. When you reach the bottom, you turn around to see a towering palace deep in the cavern ahead. While walking towards the shimmering structure you can’t help but notice the imagery canvassing the catacomb walls, shockingly beautiful in their portrayal of vivid scenes. You enter the palace. A large book upon a pedestal opens in front of you, and rises . . .

Lyrically-focused hip-hop requires an element of spoken-word poetry; they’re inherently one in the same, but when a poet backs his words with instrumentation that compliments and enhances the subtle intricacies, magic is created. so the flies don’t come is the newest full-length by wordsmith Rory Ferreira, known as milo, and producer Kenny Segal. The duo mesh wonderfully, and have birthed a uniquely captivating record.

milo delivers cryptic narratives and turns of phrase with an effortless poise, and revels in the vast spaces that Segal constructs with his woozy, synth-heavy beats. Most other rappers would flounder in the abstract, often cavernous environments of Segal’s oddball conception, but milo rides a similar wavelength and possesses such innate senses of timing and rhythm that he takes control of and flourishes in any kind of surrounding.

I’ve never heard “ambient hip-hop” until this release, specifically two golden highlights in “an encyclopedia” and “napping under the echo tree.” The former is an ethereal intro with synth drones and meandering marimba that falls into a groove a minute in, while the latter zones out in dreamy, acoustic psychedelia. Both are fascinating, just like the rest of this record. If you’re seeking lyrically-focused hip-hop, this album is for you.

– stasi (@stasisphere)

so the flies don’t come by milo

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