Thank Your Lucky Stars by Beach House

Beach House - Thank Your Lucky Stars

You soar through a patch of fog, and emerge from the top into the orange of the early evening sunset. As the sun dips below the carpet of clouds, you dive to follow it and the others that plunge into the pillowy haze. You surface just in time to catch a flash of green as the fiery orb dives into the ocean, and the sky is splashed with hues of deep purple. When all is enveloped in stars, you land on a cliff near the sea to rest. You listen to the waves below . . .

We should be so lucky to be gifted with a second album in as many months from a band with a pristine track record, but lo and behold! Thank Your Lucky Stars is the newest full-length from Beach House, a Baltimore-based duo made up of Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally. Although they employ a great deal of aspects from their refined dream pop formula, they also introduce new elements of darkness and untamed experimentalism.

The glow of the wonderful Depression Cherry is still burning bright, having been released a couple months prior to this record, but the two act as companion pieces and contrast in compelling ways. While the former basks in palatial reverb and contains pristine melodies, the entrancing songs of the latter dwell in an icy haze and show the group’s remarkable ability to create beauty with the inclusion of darker musical components.

Beach House can do no wrong, and just when it seems that there’s no plausible way they could, they somehow miraculously seem to top themselves with each subsequent release. They significantly and successfully altered their golden recipe on this outing, so we can safely assume that these two still have a multitude of fresh ideas up their sleeves. If you’re seeking hazy, enchanting dream-pop, this album is for you.

– stasi (@stasisphere)

Thank Your Lucky Stars by Beach House

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