Art Angels by Grimes

Grimes - Art Angels

You open your eyes. You’re floating upwards through the air, while all around you time is frozen. You pass through pillowy clouds and emerge into the light of a full moon and endless stars. You ascend further, somehow protected from the natural elements, until your home planet below appears minuscule. You slowly lose momentum and come to a halt. All is quiet. The stars surrounding you begin to shine brighter, and project melodies from other worlds . . .

It’s here. It’s finally here; my most anticipated release of 2015, and it just might be my favorite record of this year that also happens to contain my favorite song of the year. Is that enough gushing for ya’ll? Art Angels is the newest full-length from the illustrious Claire Elise Boucher, under her Grimes moniker. She’s sealed her fate with this one, because from now on her phone will be ringing off the hook with songwriting offers.

This is Boucher’s opus; fourteen perfect songs filled with euphoric melodies and upbeat, dance floor-dominating rhythms, each more irresistible than the last. It’s undoubtably pop music, but it’s a new species of pop entirely conceived by the uniquely creative mind and talents of Boucher. There are a multitude of ear worm hooks spread across this entrancing record, and they’re all accompanied by lush, subtly intricate instrumentation.

The record contains “Flesh without Blood,” 2015’s songwriting peak in my opinion. The composition encompasses Boucher’s unparalleled vision for her sound, and it stands as a firm testament of the talent of female artists and their ability to take control of the pop landscape without aid from male counterparts. It’s the most fun release of the year, and the most authentic. If you’re seeking euphonious, progressive pop, this album is for you.

– stasi (@stasisphere)

Art Angels by Grimes

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