Dark Sky Island by Enya

Enya - Dark Sky Island

You stand upon a creaky wooden ship, looking out into the foggy night. The turbulent waves subsided hours ago, but you fear that the vessel has taken on too much water. Just when all hope seems to have sunk, a seraphic tone pierces the frigid air. The haze surrounding the ship dissipates, revealing an island nearby. You steer towards the entrancing tone, and anchor at a dock illuminated by the full moon. You step off the boat and follow the irresistible sound . . .

Some voices are timeless; they evoke specific worlds that require no adjustment in order to create something captivating for the listener to experience. However, some voices possess the timeless quality and also seize the opportunity to subtly tweak elements to create something sublime. Dark Sky Island is the newest full-length from Enya Brennan, an Irish singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist that really needs no introduction.

I have yet to encounter a soul with a dislike for Enya; I don’t think it’s possible. Her angelic singing voice and enveloping compositions wrap around listeners like a blanket, transporting them to the tranquility that exists in a place far away from reality. The golden formula of classical instrumentation tinged with pillowy electronics is lush as always, while her songwriting is the sharpest and most poignant it’s ever been.

This isn’t just an impressive collection of songs, it can also serve as relief from stress or anxiety. Enya has always embraced the easy-listening genre with more grace and artistry than anyone, and this release is evidence of her long-lasting relevancy. She creates aural landscapes to escape into, locations that place no burdens and require nothing from its visitors. If you’re seeking serene, patiently evolving ambience, this album is for you.

– stasi (@stasisphere)

Dark Sky Island by Enya

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