Texture Like Sun by Mo Kolours

Mo Kolours - Texture Like Sun

You sit in a bunker underground, while bombs ignite the land above. You have only an old radio, worn from burns, to accompany you. Negative reports are spewed across ever station, but you keep turning the dial until you come across a sound that radiates with warmth even through the fog of static. You blink, and you’re sitting in a small wooden hut. The radio is off, and the music now comes from outside. You exit the dwelling, and enter a vibrant jungle . . .

Most artists spend far too much time and effort censoring themselves in an effort to present a polished product that falls within a grid-like structure. True beauty is often found in the loosest moments of free-flowing composition. Texture Like Sun is the newest full-length from half-Mauritian, half-British producer Joseph Deenmamode as Mo Kolours. Deenmamode melds a world of cultural influences with a collagist mentality.

This record plays like a radio that drifts through different stations, stitched together by fuzzy static and compelling, frequently comedic samples. The producer has a knack for composing irresistible grooves, usually possessing elements of dub, funk, and/or hip-hop, that could play forever without wearing out their welcome. Deenmamode talk-sings over the warm instrumentation with a smooth, stream-of-consciousness approach.

The best part about these songs is that they feel alive; they sound like they’re being conceived and performed by multiple people for the first time, in miraculous displays of cohesive improvisation. Sure, the lyrical topics may be grim, but the melodies that the words carry and the music itself are dreamy and staggeringly euphoric. Lose yourself in this one. If you’re seeking collagist, dub/funk/hip-hop tinged beats, this album is for you.

– stasi (@stasisphere)

Texture Like Sun by Mo Kolours

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