Nothing Bothers Me by Triathalon

Triathalon - Nothing Bothers Me

You lie on your back in the afternoon sun that scorches the deck of your boat. The ocean is calm, and the distant horizon line can be seen in all directions. The air is still, the sails are still, and time seems to stand still, as well. You get up, and walk to the other side of the vessel. You find a button that you’ve never seen before behind a crate. You push it, and the boat descends into the sea. You breathe deeply, and ponder what you may find in these waters . . .

Most musicians spend their efforts refining the clarity of their recordings, in order to ensure that every piece of the puzzle is given its due space in the greater scheme of things. A select few artists instead focus entirely on the big picture, and utilize the ebbing haze of their sound to craft murky beauty. Nothing Bothers Me is the newest full-length from Triathalon, a band from Savannah, Georgia that falls into the latter category.

The album title/cover art combination perfectly embodies the placid mentality found across these songs. These tracks possess distinct elements of psychedelic surf rock, dream-pop, and shoegaze, performed with a meticulous attention to atmosphere and melodic detail. Frontman Adam Intrator’s falsetto cuts through the aqueous fog with twinkling vocal lines that emphasize the warmth contained in this gorgeous record.

The experimental flavors that this group incorporates are what set them apart from similar-sounding artists. Arrangements evolve through progressive structures, so many compositions end in completely different worlds from where they began. This is music that can wash blissfully over a listener, or it can be examined closely to reveal it’s true treasures. If you’re seeking progressive, surf/shoegaze-tinged rock, this album is for you.

– stasi (@stasisphere)

Nothing Bothers Me by Triathalon

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