Imaginary Lines by Fatima Yamaha

Fatima Yamaha - Imaginary Lines

You swim below the ocean’s surface. The flood light on your scuba suit pierces the darkness, illuminating creatures that pass in front of your face. Suddenly, the light flickers and is extinguished, leaving you immersed in impenetrable blackness. You spot a purple light in the distance. You approach the beacon until it’s directly over you. You swim up and emerge out of the water, into a cavern adorned with twinkling crystals. You stride onto the dance floor . . .

So much can be communicated by saying so very little. A mere beat, melody, or groove can hold the most crucial meaning, and the deeper messages won’t even be revealed until the fourth or fifth time it traverses through one’s ears (if ever), because the music is so unimposing and immediately enjoyable. Imaginary Lines is the newest full-length by Dutch producer Bas Bron (formerly Bastian) under his Fatima Yamaha moniker.

All that Bron requires for these tracks are a couple glowing synth melodies, gently pulsating drums, and body-moving bass lines. The producer contorts these three elements into polished, subtly evolving compositions that dwell in the realms of disco, ambient, electro, and house. With so few components in the mix, it’s astounding that these songs sound this lush, and it’s a true testament to Bron’s level of innovation.

This record can easily be enjoyed solely at the surface level, but there are darker themes lurking between its folds. Imaginary Lines is Bron’s graceful commentary on 2015’s global refugee crisis. The “lines” referenced in the title may be the same lines that individuals die for every day, and although they may be “imaginary,” their impacts are very real. If you’re seeking melodically-superb disco/electro/house, this album is for you.

– stasi (@stasisphere)

Imaginary Lines by Fatima Yamaha

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