Perils by Perils

Perils - Perils

You are sealed within a glacier, motionless in the frigid air of the vast tundra. You look through the distorted transparency of your frozen chamber and out at the desolate, white nothingness. A minuscule light appears on the horizon. It steadily grows larger and is joined by more lights of varying sizes. It’s a large group of living individuals, and they settle their camp at the base of your glass tomb. You listen to inklings of their communal songs . . .

Drone has captured my heart. I’ll admit, I initially dismissed the genre, pigeonholing it as arbitrary “music” with no real direction, but that couldn’t be further from the reality. Patience and subtlety are the hallmarks of drone; if a listener possesses the former and appreciates the latter, the beauty is unveiled. Perils is the newest full-length from the similarly named producer duo, made up of Kyle Bobby Dunn and Thomas Meluch.

The extent of these songs are split between Dunn’s instrumental drone soundscapes that envelop the listener in blankets of steadily morphing ambience, and more tuneful compositions led by the soft, harmonically rich vocals of Meluch. Both artists are stalwarts within the ambient music scene, and the ways in which they weave their unique talents together are awe-inspiring in their composition and execution.

Dunn and Meluch independently wrote and recorded the tracks for this record in separate locations; Dunn in Ontario (post-solo album) and Meluch in transit from the UK to Seattle. This release is about the anxieties, questions, and uncertainties of transition, both figuratively in Dunn’s case and literally in Meluch’s, and the solace required to persevere. If you’re seeking enveloping, harmonically rich drone, this album is for you.

– stasi (@stasisphere)

Perils by Perils

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