Night’s Edge by Noah B

Noah B - Night's Edge

You walk across a bridge connecting two chambers. You slow down to look through the glass that encases the walkway. A jellyfish thrusts its way across the window’s surface, and floats at your eye level before continuing its journey. You follow its lead and enter the doorway. You’re plunged into a sea of bodies gyrating to loud music, surrounded by jellyfish that glow. The room is cast in pulsing pink and purple light that emanates from the creatures . . .

Just like every other genre, trap has evolved through three stages: it began as novelty, made its way into the limelight of the public eye, and is growing into itself as an art form with potential for experimentation. The four-letter word is merely a springboard now, propelling forward-thinking artists to new heights. Night’s Edge is the newest release from Noah B, a New Yorker that paints using his own colors within the stencil of trap.

This record is a brief plunge; four tracks that honor trap music’s traditionalist elements — trunk-rattling 808s, skittery hi-hats, hip-hop influence — while contorting those elements into original shapes. Noah B has a firm grasp on compelling beat production, but his ability to craft ear-worm melodies and enveloping sound design are what set him apart. These songs are whimsical, hard-hitting explorations through aqueous worlds.

Even when the producer works with components deemed “cliché” by some — growling basslines on “Azure,” gunshot samples on “All 4 The Love” — he makes it work, and fits them into the compositions like meticulously-crafted puzzle pieces. To love this music is effortless, and it speaks volumes that the only downside is how short it is. Let’s hope for more from Noah B soon. If you’re seeking ethereal, melodic trap, this album is for you.

– stasi (@stasisphere)

Night’s Edge by Noah B

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