Love Over Will by Alex Smoke

Alex Smoke - Love Over Will

A celestial body, faintly glowing like a white silhouette, carries you through endless starry blackness. You view planets, asteroid clusters, and other galaxies from the giant’s outstretched palm. The colossus doesn’t move a muscle as you both speed through the universe, until you attempt to traverse its forearm. An invisible blockade impedes your movement. The giant slowly turns its head toward you, and its mouth opens to speak . . .

Techno is a predominantly instrumental game. It’s a genre that embraces experimentation and disparate influences, but rarely do techno producers bare their voice on record for all to hear. It’s a bold move, but it’s one that has the potential to pay off immensely if tastefully implemented, as it is on this album. Love Over Will is the newest full-length from Glaswegian producer/singer Alex Menzies, as Alex Smoke.

These songs have distinctly techno/house vibes, with irresistible grooves lathered in lo-fi haze. The producer has a penchant for classical music, and he works that into his compositions in the form of some gorgeous string sections. When it comes to his voice, Smoke coats it in layers of effects, giving it an ominous, enigmatic feel that comes across as mesmerizing. The track lengths are brief, but they’re uniquely captivating.

Although many of the songs have dance-floor potential, that isn’t the producer’s main focus. Love Over Will is an intensely personal record, one in which the passion put into it is clear in the beautiful, often perplexing result. This music is mysterious, funky, disorienting, emotional, and completely enchanting all at the same time. Where else can you find that? If you’re seeking enigmatic, vocal-driven techno, this album is for you.

– stasi (@stasisphere)

Love Over Will by Alex Smoke

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