Acheron by Shalt

Shalt - Acheron

You place your hand on the watery surface of a tall, elegant mirror that stands before you. Ripples grow from your fingertips and disappear at the mirror’s edge, expelling tones that ring through the surrounding chamber. An unseen force slowly pushes your head through your reflection, and you see what exists on the other side. A burning aircraft plunges into a crumbling tower below, overlooking a city in shambles. Something pushes you. You fall . . .

No boundaries exist when it comes to composing modern electronic music. Artists need not confine themselves to any specific style or sonic palette, so conceptual ideas, landscapes, and even stories can be fully realized in synthetic form. The Astral Plane mix series is a ripe source for this kind of expansive music, and this record is their first output as a label. Acheron is the newest release from Lausanne-based producer SHALT.

Right from the get-go, it’s clear that this music evokes lucid images of unknown worlds. The piercing synth melodies drip with effects and the growling bass lines lurch menacingly, while bombastic drum-breaks ricochet off of everything. The producer skirts along the edges of grime and house, but these songs largely defy any preconceived classifications. These compositions are experimentally compelling to the utmost degree.

Acheron‘s most distinguishable characteristic is the way it melds all of its alien elements into forms that anyone with an open mind can enjoy. There are grooves abound betwixt the strange folds of these songs, and you can dance to pretty much every track here (given you have a spot of rhythm). Here’s to Astral Plan Recordings, and a stellar debut release. If you’re seeking grime-tinged, experimental electronics, this album is for you.

– stasi (@stasisphere)

Acheron by Shalt

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