Suicide Songs by MONEY

MONEY - Suicide Songs

The sun rises over a large grassy field nestled in the core of a deep valley. People from all walks of life emerge at the horizons of the hills that surround the dale, and begin walking, running, stumbling, and rolling down the green. A massive stage is erected on one side of the valley, and the crowd gathers eagerly in front of it. The sun disappears behind a small cloud, but the warmth reemerges in seconds. Musicians step onto the stage, and everyone listens . . .

Enjoy their music or not, The Smiths made an enormous impact that planted bountiful seeds in the minds of young musicians, many of which are just now blooming into their own respective versions of Morrissey, Marr, Rourke, and Joyce. The iconic group also put northern England on the map as a breeding ground for the romantically melancholic. Suicide Songs is the newest full-length from Manchester-based band MONEY.

The first thing one notices is just how alive these songs sound; the standard trio instrumentation of guitar, drums, and bass is engulfed with worldly percussion rhythms, sweeping string accompaniments, and soaring harmonies sung by gospel singers. The second is Jamie Lee’s unmistakable, irresistibly-charismatic voice. The frontman is a controlling presence, leading each compelling rock composition with power and grace.

Brits possess a knack for transforming personal despair into uplifting beauty. One needs tough skin in order to live in the region, and one must develop methods of coping with inevitable hardship. Suicide Songs isn’t just gorgeous and elevating, it’s spiritually transformative in a rare way. It’s a record that holds listeners in its magnificent, scarred hands. If you’re seeking romantically melancholic rock, this album is for you.

– stasi (@stasisphere)

Suicide Songs by MONEY

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