Through The Blinds by Blair French

Blair French - Through The Blinds

You step into a small cubic container, adorned with countless minuscule projectors along the walls, ceiling, and floor. You begin to feel claustrophobic after a short while, so you close your eyes and think of somewhere comfortable. Not a minute passes before a delicate breeze tousles your hair. Your eyelids part to reveal a boundless meadow. Your mind drifts, and invokes the image of a warm sunset. Stars peak out from the darkness that follows . . .

Ambient music excels at painting images in the minds of listeners, probably to a greater degree than any other genre. The steady, subtle progressions allow for the full absorption of every sonic element, and the sparse instrumentation promotes a meditative, imaginative mindset. Through The Blinds is the newest full-length from Michigan-based producer Blair French, an artist who creates landscapes with ambience.

French does an extraordinary job at illustrating the imagery conveyed in the various track titles — “Star Dust” rises and sparkles with celestial synths, “Window Frost” sounds frigid and fragile — employing a plethora of electronic and classical instrumentation with marvelous results. Each song is serene and awe-inspiring in unique ways; some drift through tranquil beauty, while others grow and evolve through stunning progressions.

Having previously tackled the desolate sounds of Detroit on film soundtrack Detropia under the name Dial 81, the enigmatic producer opts for an organic, lively, and simply gorgeous style on Through The Blinds. It could operate as a sweeping score for a movie, but the true beauty is revealed when the listener imagines the accompanying visuals. If you’re seeking picturesque ambient music, this album is for you.

– stasi (@stasisphere)

Through The Blinds by Blair French

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