On Vacation by CFCF

CFCF - On Vacation

You jog along a cobblestone pathway between two rows of thatch-roofed houses. People crowd the road, running, skipping, cartwheeling past you in order to get a decent spot for the parade. Flags and streamers in every color of the rainbow line the streets, decorating the endless blue sky above. Festive music plays from every corner of the village, and nearly everyone is singing or carrying an instrument of some kind. The parade begins . . .

The potential for wordless music to elicit an emotional response in a listener is truly amazing. The perfect chord progression can arouse feelings of melancholy, elation, or fear more effectively than the most eloquent of lyrics. If an artist masters the harmonic craft, then the genre setting, instrumental selection, all of it becomes superfluous. On Vacation is the newest release from Canadian producer Michael Silver, AKA CFCF.

The seasoned producer brings his album title to life with eight cohesive tracks that carry the listener through diversely scenic environments, astride moderately paced, Balearic-leaning grooves, filled with marimba, sax, fretless bass, sultry acoustic guitar, and heartachingly gorgeous synth chords. These songs are irresistibly smooth, impeccably mixed, and easy to lose oneself in during one’s initial exposure to them; a rare feat.

Some might bestow the “pastiche” label on various components of this record, whether it’s the accordion, slap-bass, or “elevator music” vibes. If this is elevator music, you can bet that I’m riding that thing up and down all damn day. This is the most unimposing release of the year so far, and it’s the focus on euphonious beauty that makes it so effortless to love. If you’re seeking scenic, tranquil Balearic music, this album is for you.

– stasi (@stasisphere)

On Vacation by CFCF

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