III by Moderat

Moderat - III

Billows of dark clouds float through your translucent body, delicately kissing your insides with their coldness. The undulating masses clear from your vision, revealing a hooded figure standing at an altar of some sort. The shrine, adorned with countless bulbs, towers over you. One of the bulbs is slowly filled with indigo light, and another with aquamarine. Two more hooded figures step out from behind the altar, as the chamber steadily fills with light . . .

Collaborative projects tend to take their time arriving at an intended point of fruition, when the seams between the puzzle pieces are filled in, leaving an image that resembles a complete artistic work rather than a merging of talents. Sometimes those separate talents are more disparate than others, which results in more time being taken to achieve more rewarding results. III is the newest full-length from Berlin trio Moderat.

Consisting of Modeselektor’s Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary on instrumental duties and Sascha Ring (Apparat) on vocals, Moderat is a group that mixes their diverse strengths in stunning ways. Inhabiting the darker end of the sonic spectrum, these songs revel in atmospheric, subtly evolving, IDM-tinged electronic grooves, while Ring’s floaty, emotive singing soars over the compositions with melodic, hypnotic elegance.

Resembling a concoction of the graceful xx, the ethereally subterranean Burial, the soulful Jamie Woon, and the versatile Four Tet, III is the destination that these three artists have strived for; a fluid blend of late-night dance music and the sultry sounds of soul music. Moderat have long excelled in this endeavor, but never to this lofty extent. If you’re seeking IDM-tinged electronic soul, this album is for you.

– stasi (@stasisphere)

III by Moderat

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