Not For Press by Tenant

Tenant - Not For Press

You stand within a glass chamber, surrounded by pulsing fluorescent lights of every color. Hanging on strings above you are translucent cubes filled with glowing insects. These bug-like creatures are all that you see when you look through the transparent glass floor beneath you. A cube falls and shatters on the ground, releasing the flying creatures into the air. More cubes fall, and the chamber is steadily filled with a buzzing swarm of colored lights . . .

The beauty of composing via electronic instrumentation is that producers are able to indulge every creative whim they conceive, no matter how outside-the-box or off-kilter they may be. Even with this bountiful freedom, many artists constrain their output by attempting to squeeze inside genre-specific boxes, but that certainly isn’t the case here. Not For Press is the newest release from New Yorker Drew Lustman as Tenant.

Shedding his FaltyDL moniker for this EP, Lustman continues to craft the electronic eclecticism for which he’s known. Each of these six tracks possesses a unique personality that simply cannot be classified under individual genre descriptors. Instead, they constantly contort and delve through elements of house, electro, acid, IDM, breakcore, and more, all while maintaining playfully melodic and glitchy atmospheres.

These songs can easily be consumed as disparate, bite-size pieces, but they also function surprisingly well as one cohesive whole. Even though the differences between the compositions may be abundant, they are threaded together by singular themes: Lustman’s undeniable talent and his irresistibly exuberant, no-holds-barred unpredictability. If you’re seeking eclectic, glitchy electronics, this album is for you.

– stasi (@stasisphere)

Not For Press by Tenant

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