A History With Samus by Odeko

Odeko - A History With Samus

Rain falls from ominous clouds and seeps through a canopy of cherry blossoms. Droplets kiss your forehead as you stare up into the plethora of pink and white flowers. You begin to search for better shelter, walking down a path surrounded by the floral trees, and after a short while stumbling upon the entrance to a shrine. You step inside the stone enclosure, and kneel before the statue of an ancient warrior. The rain is joined by the boom of thunder . . .

Whoever makes the argument that instrumental electronic music lacks the ability to invoke real emotions clearly hasn’t done their research. Some of the most gorgeous and poignant melodies can be crafted with the innumerable voices of a computer, and some artists are becoming masterminds at infusing those melodies into songs that hit as hard as they caress. A History With Samus is the newest release from Welsh producer Odeko.

Ushered in by the sound of gentle rain, these four tracks take the listener on a beautiful, albeit brief journey through Japanese-inspired electronica. The melancholic “Setsuko” and the bittersweet “Sugar Acid” glide above hip-hop beats, while centerpiece “The Yamato Spring” is a towering slow burn consisting of cascading, chill-inducing melodies. Closer “Tsundoku” drops the curtain with a sublime call-and-response between synths.

Given its petite size, this record is a stunning collection of ideas that mix organic passion with synthetic beauty. Although not a word is spoken, it leaves the listener with feelings similar to those that arise while experiencing the soulful heartache of artists like James Blake, Jamie Woon, and Active Child. It’s an impressive glimpse into a unique mind. If you’re seeking organic, emotive electronica, this album is for you.

– stasi (@stasisphere)

A History With Samus by Odeko

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