A Shapeless Pool of Lovely Pale Colours Suspended in the Darkness by Smurphy


You’re walking down your normal neighborhood sidewalk, just like any normal day. The normal birds are chirping, the normal breeze blowing. Suddenly, a small wormhole opens beneath you, and you are plunged into utter darkness. Everything is moving fast and slow at the same time. Hopefully, you can eventually find a way back to your normal home so you can tell your normal family and normal friends about this. There are truly no words in any human language for what you are witnessing. And the sounds . . .

Yes I know, that album title is quite a mouthful, but I still believe it to be too short to encompass the expansive magnitude of this record. Smurphy is producer (/warlock?) Jessica Smurphy, and ASPOLPCSITD is her new, experimentally-astounding album. It’s not an easy task to accurately describe what is contained in this Pandora’s box, so please, bear with me and dive into this weirdly-awesome, hauntingly-gorgeous piece of music.

The gifted producer utilizes a unique fusion of murky ambience and propulsive footwork beats. The blend is marginally reminiscent of Machinedrum and JLin (both absolutely worth checking out), but Smurphy’s sounds are still galaxies away from either of those two artists’ productions. She plunges the listener deep into unfamiliar worlds of bizarre, rhythmic instrumentation, providing only her ghostly singing voice as a navigator.

It’s clear that sample-enthusiasts will be smitten with this album. It’s plump with tasteful chops and cuts of otherworldly voices and sounds. However, my favorite of this album’s attributes has to be the beat production. The rhythms present on this record are mind-blowing, and that’s coming from the mouth of a percussionist. If you’re seeking rhythmically-experimental music with magnificent ambience, this album is for you.

– stasi (@stasisphere)

A Shapeless Pool of Lovely Pale Colours Suspended in the Darkness by Smurphy

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