Walk Dance Talk Sing by Crazy P

Crazy P - Walk Dance Talk Sing

It’s the mid-80s! You’re a patron at one of the most hip and happening clubs in New York, and the night has just begun. Your feet are just starting to warm up, when a blinding light fills the room. Your eyes adjust, and you can’t believe the sight. A container resembling a phone booth is in the middle of the room. The words “Time Warp” are on it. The door opens, and an unfathomable amount of people come piling out, some musicians, some enthusiasts. The musicians from the future take the nearby stage, and a new sound fills the air . . .

2015 is undoubtably the year of the groove revival. The body-shaking influences seem to have permeated throughout a huge portion of recent music, and I couldn’t be happier. Walk Dance Talk Sing is Crazy P’s terrific seventh album, and a prime example of groove being embraced and used for the forces of good. These guys (and one gal) are just as wonderfully celebratory as ever on this fun record. If there’s one thing that this band consistently deliver time and time again, it’s a romping good time.

Crazy P are proficient in crafting anthems primed for the dance floor, and they flesh out their music by jamming everything with a slew of live instruments. I know that DJs abroad are surely spinning these tracks, as well, because these songs also work marvelously as house gems. While pondering similar artists, Hot Chip comes to mind; both wonderful groups, but Crazy P trade that band’s humor for undeniable coolness.

Although every member of this tight-knit act is integral, it’s the beautifully-balanced voice of Dannielle Moore that truly takes these stellar instrumentals and makes them soaring dance odysseys. She shines on all the dance tracks, but she really works wonders when the band slows everything down during “Something More” and “The Way.” It’s always a great time to listen to this group, because it’s always a great time to feel good. If you’re seeking pristine dance anthems, this album is for you.

– stasi (@stasisphere)

Walk Dance Talk Sing by Crazy P

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