Wild Nights by PINS

PINS - Wild Nights

You step through the door of some dingy club in the most distant fringe of the galaxy. It’s dim and smoky, so you only spot frightening tattoos and black leather. You sense a clashing of egos, and you feel a brawl may break out at any moment. Suddenly, total darkness. Spotlights hit the stage on the back wall, and the curtains rise. Four female individuals walk on stage, take their instruments, and everyone is captivated for thirty-nine minutes.

This band kicks so much ass. PINS is Faith Holgate, Lois McDonald, Anna Donigan, and Sophie Galpin, and Wild Nights is their second full-length album. These incredibly talented ladies have crafted one of the most enjoyable collections of pop songs this year; plain and simple. They’re just a wonderful rock group making wonderful rock music and, now more than ever, that’s a true breath of fresh air.

The mesh of dreamy instrumentation and playful, punkish song structure is what really grabs and keeps my attention. This isn’t shoegaze music, but it’s hazy, warm, and intricately layered like the trademark sounds of shoegaze. It also isn’t punk rock, because punk could never be this strikingly pretty or carried out with this much grace. They’re somewhere in the same ecosystem as bands like Dum Dum Girls, the Jesus and Mary Chain, or even the Cure, but still residing in a habitat all their own.

It’s also important to note how proficient these women are with their instruments. Each member is indispensable within the overall mix. While Donigan’s sturdy bass lines and Galpin’s charming beats ground everything as a seriously rocking rhythm section, McDonald’s lush guitar and Holgate’s impeccably smooth voice send it all skyward. If you’re seeking catchy rock music with dreamy textures, this album is for you.

– stasi (@stasisphere)

Wild Nights by PINS

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