Hud Dreems by Knxwledge

Knxwledge - Hud Dreams

You find yourself drifting through the Ether, the interconnected, cerebral location from which all musical ideas are plucked. Glimpses of soul, classical, hip-hop, jazz, and even good ol’ rock n roll zip through your vision, and you catch a few sights of sounds that have yet to be picked from the sonic fruit tree. It appears that most of what you witness is quite random, yet you can’t escape an inkling of a feeling that insists it all means something. You close your eyes, and every tone, beat, and melody start to weave with each other . . .

This one is for the eclectically-minded music enthusiast. Hud Dreems is the latest release from producing-addict Knxwledge, and it’s a marvelous primer for those that are unfamiliar with the artist’s enormous body of work. It feels too obvious to state that fans of Madlib and J Dilla will absolutely adore this record, but there’s something to be said about how wonderfully unique and original this album sounds despite those parallels.

Those of you that have heard of Knxwledge may know him from his stellar beat production on Kendrick Lamar’s “Momma,” from Kendrick’s recent, impeccable To Pimp A Butterfly. However, on this offering everything is instrumental, although the producer seamlessly entwines golden-oldie, soul vocal samples and modern pop fragments with his hip-hop beat tapestries. Speaking of samples, this thing is chock full of unidentifiable sonic gems from all eras and genres of music. Fans of the Avalanches, rejoice!

It’s also vital to mention that this entire album is sewn together into one, uninterrupted journey through enchanted worlds of sound. Most tracks on this thing don’t break the two-minute-mark, so they serve more as puzzle segments to the complete piece of art. Any fan of Brainfeeder or Stones Throw (Hud Dreems label) will be entranced by this one, and may find themselves at the end shaking their heads, muttering “What happened?” If you’re seeking eclectic, instrumental hip-hop from other worlds, this album is for you.

– stasi (@stasisphere)

Hud Dreems by Knxwledge

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