Morning/Evening by Four Tet

Four Tet - Morning/Evening

You’re floating miles above the planet Earth, in a state of complete omniscience. The movement of time does not concern you; you see the occurrence of everything, laid out like parchment. On one side of you the world basks in warm light, while the other shivers in total darkness. Complete silence surrounds you, and you realize you are terribly alone. You raise your head, and you view the endless everything. You close your eyes, and music fills your ears.

It’s about time this guy came out with something new. Morning/Evening is the newest full-length release from Kieran Hebden, also known as Four Tet. The highly-skilled producer is one of the most innovative and respected artists in the electronic music scene (he collaborated with Burial; THE Burial), and for good reason. Hebden has never once ceased to experiment with and evolve his sound across his myriad of releases.

This Four Tet record is unlike any other not merely because the tones and rhythms are new and mystical, but also because Hebden opts for a uniquely-expansive album format: two tracks entitled “Morning” and “Evening,” each roughly twenty minutes in length. This uncommon configuration is perfect for the mission of the artist, which is to compact and convey aural images of the world as it awakens, and drifts to sleep.

Hebden succeeds in this endeavor by way of his forte, progressive dance music. “Morning” begins with subtle, shuffling percussion before droning, picturesque synths and the most sublime sample of a Hindi woman’s voice wake the planet, while “Evening” utilizes hazy ambience and glittering tones to invoke the stars strewn upon a night sky. If you’re seeking cinematic, conceptualized dance music, this album is for you.

– stasi (@stasisphere)

Morning/Evening by Four Tet

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