The Bump by The Maguires

The Maguires - The Bump

Welcome to Starcade, the galaxy’s largest and most beloved haven for the gaming-obsessed! You’ve been anonymously gifted a hefty sum of tokens, in a raffle which you do not remember entering. Curious. No matter! Worry is the last thing that crosses your mind when you gaze upon the boundless cabinets and cockpits, and you feel you could live out the rest of your days here. A shiver takes you, but you quickly shake it off and dive into your first game . . .

Get ready for the most fun kind of dance music. The Bump is David Reihm’s debut album as The Maguires, and boy is it a treat. The talented producer/multi-instrumentalist previously fronted experimental pop group The Glass Canoe. This release is chock full of that unique mentality and technique, but delivered in a much more streamlined, aerodynamic format prepped and primed for enthusiasts of the dance floor.

Fans of video game music are another population that will absolutely love this record, and I mean that in the best possible way. Each of these diverse tracks invoke distinct landscapes centered in fantastical, 16-bit worlds. These could be soundtracks to incredible Donkey Kong and Mega-Man games that were never released, and the fact that they also function superbly as house anthems puts this album in a class all its own.

I haven’t even mentioned that Reihm himself performs all the vocals on this thing. It’s astonishing how he contorts his voice into a multitude of different timbres and styles, each complementing and elevating the driving grooves. At it’s core, this record is for those with vivid imaginations, and those that require something special with their dance tunes. If you’re seeking grooving, otherworldly electronic music, this album is for you.

– stasi (@stasisphere)

The Bump by The Maguires

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