O.K. by Eskimeaux

Eskimeaux - O.K.

You enter a large, two-story house. It’s eerily quiet, and it appears that no one’s home. The first floor is completely empty, so you creakily ascend the stairs. Everywhere is vacant, save for one room. The last one you inspect contains a hefty mass of children’s toys. You step through the bedroom door, and your body becomes paralyzed. A flash of light blinds you, and when your eyes adjust, you see the colorful, plastic behemoths towering over you . . .

In dire need of a pick me up? Look no further! O.K. is the most recent full-length from Gabrielle Smith and her solo endeavor, Eskimeaux. In 2011, she, her band, and a few of their friends established the Epoch, a songwriting and art collective located in Brooklyn. This community of likeminded individuals maintain the philosophies of togetherness and reciprocity, and those warm components shine through on this fun record.

Having participated in multiple other collective members’ bands, including Frankie Cosmos, Told Slant, and Bellows, Smith is well-versed in the ways of complimentary sound. Her tender alto is sewn ever so snug into the quilt of each song, allowing the twinkling synths, driving guitars, and Felix Walworth’s tasteful drum rhythms to breathe clear and radiate within the overall mix. It’s all highly sophisticated songwriting, as well.

The element that comes through the clearest on this record is the aura of comfort and relief it provides for the listener. It’s affectionate, encouraging, and sincere to the utmost degree. Whether you’re feeling upset, angry, or just fine with everything, these songs empathize with non-saccharine sweetness, and state with credibility that it’s all O.K. If you’re seeking charismatic, comforting, and fun music, this album is for you.

– stasi (@stasisphere)

O.K. by Eskimeaux

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