Pale Horses by mewithoutYou

mewithoutYou - Pale Horses

You reach, grasp a jagged rock, and pull yourself up. You’ve reached the peak of the world, the crest of Earth itself and the place closest to the heavens. There is a massive building looming over you, with painted glass windows glistening in the morning sunlight. This is the Temple of Life. Human-made doctrines are never spoken here; the only belief taught and held within these walls is Truth. You enter, sit among the pews, and listen.

I can count on one hand the names of people that have influenced me to pursue writing as a career, and Aaron Weiss, the frontman and lyricist of this wonderful group, is one of them. Pale Horses is the sixth full-length from mewithoutYou, and to be perfectly blunt, they’re one of my absolute favorite bands. I’ve been waiting for this record ever since it was announced, so I apologize if I gush, but I promise it’s all completely valid.

For those unfamiliar with previous releases, here’s a primer. The production utilized is rock standard: booming drums, riffy guitar, and complex, subterranean bass grooves. Each of these skilled musicians is an ace behind their instrument. These new songs grow and sprout limbs in places where their older tracks opted for more straight-away formats. The melodies and harmonies are also more intricate, serpentine, and satisfying.

However, the focal point is and has always been the cryptic novels that Aaron Weiss pens as lyrics. The masterful writer weaves topics concerning various world religions, and examines inner trials with alteration of faith and meanings of weighted language. He’s a storyteller of the highest caliber, and his bandmates illustrate the imagery painted in his words. If you’re seeking enigmatic, lively rock music, this album is for you.

– stasi (@stasisphere)

Pale Horses by mewithoutYou

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