Human Interface by Citizenn

Citizenn - Human Interface

You walk along the street under the vast night sky when it starts to rain, so you raise your arm to call for a cab. A couple seconds pass before one pulls up and opens its door. “Hop in! Where’s your destination?” a robotic, disembodied voice asks. You respond and get in. Glistening vehicles of all sizes and shapes surround you on the road, and the blur of highway lights illuminate your window. “Music?” the voice inquires, and the volume raises . . .

Sometimes all you need is a record that will set the dance floors ablaze, and if this record isn’t that, then I don’t know what is. Human Interface is the debut full-length from London-based producer/DJ Laurence Blake, also known as Citizenn. Blake utilizes this album as an opportunity to put on a dance music clinic. He melds the components of deep house, garage, and tech house to craft a unique strain of hip-shaking sounds.

Although Blake possesses a distinct fascination with the trailblazing mentality, he would be nothing without his keen ability to attune himself to the past and summon iconic influences. The spirits of garage are alive and well in his exquisitely chopped vocal samples, skittery hi-hats, and crisp drums, while the deep/tech house ghosts can be heard in the twinkly ornamentations and subtle, evolving progressions.

Blake’s fresh influence is displayed most clearly in his pulsing bass lines, because they succeed in fluidly carry each song from start to finish in some incredibly captivating ways, and the featured vocals from singers Aisha and Py are wonderfully lustrous. These are the kind of tracks you hope to hear deep into the night, within the core of a DJ’s set. If you’re seeking grooving deep, garage, and tech house, this album is for you.

– stasi (@stasiphere)

Human Interface by Citizenn

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