Another One by Mac Demarco

Mac Demarco - Another One

Firecrackers ignite in the grass, and the smell of BBQ is heavy in the crisp air. You are in a park next to the water of the Atlantic, and your neighbors surround you. The cause for festivity is unknown to you, but you sense that the reasoning is unknown to everyone. All of a sudden, time stops, and only you can move. Smiles are frozen, frisbees are suspended in the air, and all is quiet. Why? Suddenly, everything is normal again. Did it really happen?

If an artist can elicit a distinct yearning in a listener that makes them want to become that artist’s friend, in addition to creating music that sounds wonderful, there’s something special that deserves to be closely examined. Another One is the newest release from Mac Demarco, a brilliant songwriter with an already-impressive discography, and a charmer that invokes the feeling described above more than anyone.

During the course of this compact eight-song mini album, you’ll absorb well over a full-length album’s share of deliciously memorable hooks. Demarco’s voice possesses a lackadaisical charisma that exudes confidence and worldly experience. Never has his lyrical content dwelled so deeply in the entanglements of romance as it does here, making this the ideal record for the hopeless romantics and the heartbroken alike.

Demarco’s calling card has always been his virtuosic abilities with guitar in hand, and this record is no different. His tone is unmistakable at this point, and his solos dance circles around the the tight rhythmic foundations established by his in-the-pocket backing band. These songs are effortless to consume, and you’ll want to keep coming back for more. If you’re seeking charming songwriting and guitar mastery, this album is for you.

– stasi (@stasisphere)

Another One by Mac Demarco

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