Hunch Music by Hunee

Hunee - Hunch Music

You’re in an aircraft above a desolate planet covered in jilted machinery, now consumed by lush greenery. You’re only here to observe the sprawling ruins with your small crew, yet you can’t shake the feeling that life exists somewhere down there. It’s quiet, but you become aware of a steady pulse vibrating through your entire body, growing progressively louder and more vigorous. This planet is alive, and the sounds of the forests and machines are dancing . . .

Creating dance music is an art form; it requires an ear for meticulous detail, and the imaginative know-how to make something that’s both interesting and elicits movement. Hunch Music is the debut full-length from DJ/producer Hun Choi, aka Hunee. Choi has spent the better part of a decade in Berlin honing and refining his skills as a dancefloor expert, and this new record exemplifies his mastery over the groove.

This is house, but only in the loose foundational sense of it hanging within the 120-130bpm window and riding four-on-the-floor kicks that pulse underneath a world of unique instrumentation. The music isn’t flashy or experimental for the sake of being strange, but it innovates in fresh new ways and doesn’t confine itself to any specific template. It’s the most “free”-sounding dance music I’ve heard in quite a while.

It’s also one of the most beautifully paced records that’s come out this year. Each song materializes from subtly-introduced rhythms and unfolds into blissful, club-primed maximalism. The most captivating moments may be found in the final three-song stretch, where Choi delves into hypnotic, classical and jazz-influenced ambience. If you’re seeking lively, intricately composed house music, this album is for you.

– stasi (@stasisphere)

Hunch Music by Hunee

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