Depression Cherry by Beach House

Beach House - Depression Cherry

You walk out of your front door and stand on your porch. It’s a warm, sunny day, and all of your neighbors are standing on their porches, smiling. Your eyes feel a bit dry, so you blink. Your neighbors have all vanished, and a flock of white birds is ascending into the sky. You are now alone  You blink once more. You flap your wings and soar into the air to rejoin the others. The world is breathtaking from up here. You drift on the wind, and listen . . . 

There’s something so admirable about a band that stick to their guns. It takes a world of patience and dedication to refine a unique musical recipe, and few things are as exhilarating as witnessing a group orbit closer and closer to that golden, sought-after formula. Depression Cherry is the newest full-length from Beach House, a duo that comes closer on this record to that individual, dreamy formula than they ever have before.

The best things about the group’s previous albums, all of which are wonderful in their own right, can also be said about this one. Victoria Legrand’s serene voice waltzes around Alex Scally’s lush guitar with sweetly euphoric melodies, and the booming drums from Bloom have been toned down to provide room for the ethereal synths to breathe. This is the ideal soundtrack to the most vivid, majestic daydream.

The moments when Legrand and Scally show a different, more transparent side of themselves are some of the most captivating; namely on “Sparks,” when the duo show what they can do when they allow the coarse beauty of dissonance to seep into their sound. On this record, these artists anchor themselves in the physical world while soaring to the most lofty heights. If you’re seeking lush dream-pop, this album is for you.

– stasi (@stasisphere)

Depression Cherry by Beach House

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